Member Spotlight: Wendy Wiggs

09 Nov 2016 5:53 PM | Deleted user

Wendy Wiggs, now 51, was an avid runner.  She has been running most of her life and loves it.  She used to have a car magnet that stated “running is my Prozac.”  She loves listening to music and

 zoning out on long runs.  However, in 2001, while training for the Disney Marathon, she developed a stress fracture in her foot.  Her podiatrist, a triathlete, suggested that she begin cross training.  She finished the marathon in 4:20:24, which she was happy about.

After completing the marathon, she began cross training which naturally led to the sport of triathlon.  In May of 2002, just 5 months later, she completed the Fantasy of Flight Triathlon in Polk City, FL.

Since then, Wendy has competed in many triathlons.  She lists the 2015 Tri Rock Triathlon in Clearwater as her favorite race.  There were many triathletes from Gainesville which made for a fun and warm atmosphere.  She was very disappointed to learn the event was discontinued this year.  She also notes that her best race result was also in 2015 at the Turtle Crawl Sprint Triathlon in Jekyll Island, GA.  She finished the race in 1:45:49 and finished second in her age group.

When it comes to a race she would like to forget, she lists the Moss Park Sprint Triathlon from 2011.  She became very sick at the end of the race due to dehydration.  She used this as a learning experience and improved upon her race day nutrition/hydration.  Before every race she eats ½ of a bagel with almond butter and banana slices and drinks a bottle of scratch with water.  She also takes two shot blocks 15 minutes before the race begins.  This routine has helped her.

Wendy lists her fear of open water ocean swimming as her biggest accomplishment in triathlon.  She is thankful for her swimming coach, Karyn Austin, for the improvements in her ability and confidence.

Wendy would advise a beginner to triathlon to either hire a coach or pair up with an experienced triathlete to learn how to train without having to go through all the trial and error that she endured.

Wendy loves the sport because it challenges you in three different disciplines.  She joined G3 in 2013 so that she could be around other like-minded athletes who love the same aspects the sport has to offer that she does.  She also loves being at races and seeing her teammates cheering for each other and finds this greatly motivating.

Wendy wants to improve her cycling and so she purchased a power meter this year with the goal in mind of upping her power and improving her bike splits.  For 2017, she has her sights set on a 70.3 finish.

Wendy is a married mother of 3 whose husband Johnny is the head baseball coach at Santa Fe College.  She works as a Nurse Practitioner specializing in osteoarthritis, preventive health care, and age management.  Additionally, she provides nutritional testing and counseling to help people learn about vitamin deficiencies they may have.  She recently wrote an article about this topic in the Oct/Nov issue of HOME Magazine.  The link can be found below.





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