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This ‘Training Library’ page is dedicated for G3 Members to share their triathlon training plans, nutrition plans, triathlon articles of interest, and other triathlon training information that you think will benefit the members of the Club. Whether it is information targeting our “rookie triathletes” or our more “seasoned triathletes,” the information that is shared by you the members will surely benefit all of our athletes. This page will only be as good as what we put into it, so it is highly encouraged for you to participate.


For those of you who wish to share information on this page, please email your documents to Craig Petrus (petruscwp@gmail.com) and he will upload your information. Please feel free to include a sentence or two that describes the training plan or article that you wish to share and what your thoughts are on it. We look forward to your participation here and the opportunity to become better triathletes through the information you share.     



Training Topic: 20/40 Week Half-Triathlon and Full-Triathlon Training Plan

Submitted by Member: Craig Petrus

Date: May 3rd, 2015

As a "rookie triathlete," I spent a lot of time on the internet researching triathlon training plans to try and find one that would be good for my lifestyle (mainly work schedule) and level of competitiveness. The link to the training plan below is one that I found that I feel best fits me. While it is designed as "beginner" plan along with it being a twenty-week training plan, I doubled it to a forty-week training plan in order to train for both a half-triathlon and a full-triathlon. Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Half and Full Ironman Training Program - 20/40 Week Program - Public Version 1.pdf  

Training Topic: Podcasts for Triathletes

Submitted by Member: Craig Petrus

Date: May 18th, 2015

Ever since getting into my new hobby called “triathlon” (Ha!), I wanted to learn as much information as I could that would help me become a better athlete at all stages of the sport. One outlet that I have turned to is triathlon focused podcasts. Podcasts can provide a wealth of information regarding race day planning, advice on season planning, training tips, interviews with world class triathletes, and overall triathlete nutrition and health and wellness to name a few topics. While I have uncovered some podcasts that are better than others and I take in consideration the authors while considering their content and advice, below is a list of a few that I listen to often (and during those long runs and rides…which can be a great distraction from the pain). Should you have other podcasts that you can recommend that are not on this list, please email them to me at petruscwp@gmail.com and I will make sure to add them to the list. Hope this helps! Happy training!

  • Triathlon Research
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness
  • Endurance Hour Podcast
  • Endurance Nation Triathlon Podcast
  • Training Bible Coaching Podcast
  • Lava Magazine (located on SoundCloud)

Training Topic: Race Day Nutrition Tips - Half and Full Distance Triathlons

Submitted by Member: Craig Petrus

Date: July 7th, 2015

Looking for some advice and recommendations on race-day nutrition? Check out this document for half Ironman and Full Ironman nutrition plans. Should you have other race-day nutrition plans that you think would benefit the members of the Club, please share them with the group. You can email me at petruscwp@gmail.com and I will make sure it is posted.

Half and Full Triathlon Race Day Nutrition Plan - July 2015.pdf


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